Before the Band

Taska Barlow has performed from Alaska to Nebraska and Nevada to Nashville. Her music career began in the Pacific Northwest, where she worked as a single act playing guitar before putting bands together and touring. Songwriter Workshops in Nashville, headlining the Alaska SE State Fair, performing on Norwegian Cruise Lines and many Nevada cabarets have fond memories for Taska, but are never more important than each new audience at every performance.

Behind the Music

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Introducing the musicians that create the entertainment that is Taska & The Party Band!
This band rehearses continually, so you can count on hearing the best of Ballroom, Swing & Latin, Rock, Funk & Disco, Blues & Country, Originals & Requests!

Meet Taska Barlow

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Keys & Vocals

Taska began performing for audiences at the young age of six, and from that moment she knew she had found her passion! She was gifted instruments such as the ukulele and guitar while growing up, and from that moment had blossomed into a music artist. She has traveled extensively with her bands, “Taska & The Hometown Stars”, “Sassy” and “The Outlaws.” Taska has headlined State and County Fairs, Nevada casinos to Arizona’s winter resorts, Canada to Texas, Alaska to Nebraska…and on Norwegian Cruise Lines. Was presented a trophy, “Northwest Entertainer of The Year” by actress Cyd Cherise. Recorded the album, “Nashville To Nome” while living in the songwriter’s market in Nashville for 18 months.

Clifford Smith

Drum Set, Hand Drums, Harmonica, Vocals, Guitar and Keyboards

Clifford Smith, born in San Francisco and raised in the bay area,  began his musical 'pilgrimage' in the 1960's with an elementary school music  education of  'all things percussion' which included drums and mallet instruments. By High School, he had progressed to professional performances for pay on drum-kit, Guitar, Hand-drums, and Harmonica.  The cumulative experience, coupled with 60's sub-cultural influences like multiple 'underground' newspapers, and a few 'elective' high school classes he attended including The History of American Jazz, and multiple poetry and creative writing courses, prepared him for an artistic existence that would include composition, songwriting, and performance: a viable career in music.
By age 18, playing around the San Francisco Bay area, Cliff got his first chance of  'performance above and beyond the bar circuit',  when his band opened for the tremendously popular, "Larry Graham & Graham Central Station". That was a life-altering moment, a catalyst of sorts that would help propel Cliff forward through the next few decades touring, performing, and living in 14 states around the country. His earlier experiences included performing as a 'supporting musician onstage' with artists like: Buc Trent; Don Lee; (both artists from the syndicated TV show "HEE HAW"; Jerry Jeff Walker; Freddy Fender; The Tubes; and The Wray Brothers; (early Colin Wray).  Cliff also garnered many opportunities with various bands to be 'openers' for national touring acts including Richard Elliot, Greg Allman Tour, Elvin Bishop, Head East, Greg Kihn, John Kay & Steppenwolf, Tony Carey, Dan Hicks, The Association, Ed Bruce, and Con Hunley.
Cliff's musical journey has included playing in large concert arenas, festivals & fairs, high-end hotels and resorts, casinos, cruise ships, pit-orchestra's for local and national touring theatre productions, and well over two decades working dozens of recording studio projects as an 'independent artist', including local TV and radio commercials. Cliff is also no stranger to the academic world, having worked for years as an accompanist for numerous university classes featuring Modern Dance, African and/or Latin Dance, and "Children's Dance Theatre" - teaching songs for a Pete Seeger Performance; and a singular performance where he worked closely with internationally acclaimed choreographer and African musicologist, Chuck Davis through a Kennedy Center Grant.  Over the last 20 years, the study and performance of Music Therapy, and composition have demanded much  of Cliff's time.

Alberto Pomar

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keys, Drums & Vocals

This world-class guitar player began playing music in the Philippines, before traveling the globe, sharing his amazing guitar styling and ‘lightening speed licks’ with music fans everywhere. Albert worked with the best Top 40 cover bands in California before moving to the Pacific NW. It is here that he headlined in the 70’s and 80’s with “Vanilla Manila.” He teamed with Taska in 2010, bringing his amazing music mastery in all styles of music everywhere the Party Band plays!

"Big" Dave Mersereau

Keyboards, Vocals,

"Big" Dave is one of the top keyboardists on the West coast, with a resume that spans almost 40 years, both as a bandleader and on stage with some of the music industries biggest names. These include Country greats David Frizzel;  Gary Bennett, (of Nashville's BR549); Tommy Overstreet; Henry Vestine, (of Canned Heat); Rich Cliburn, (of Smith); and 'Rock & Roll Hall of Famer' James Burton from 'Elvis's TCB band.

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